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Lost In Space, 2003
Two projects- displacement &illusions (digital video), and Lost in Space, digital slide projection- and 9 photographs.

In “Displacement and Illusions - Private Space”, ordinary actions of a woman and everyday occurrences slowly flow by in the intimacy of different apartment’s rooms where she has lived, diluting the frequency of her biorhythms (a metaphor to the search of intimate space and stability).
In the Lost in space, Giada moves nimbly in external settings in search of a place, time, and light but, above all, of that obscure emotion to be captured and rendered universal. She is an actress (as in her Private Space), not a protagonist, in landscapes in which nature or architecture have long stories to tell, and she portrays herself leaving her face anonymous with a specific renunciation of her own individuality.
These "impulsive reactions to public space that capture momentary impressions through light" are pinned to the walls, stacked in boxes, and downloaded as a computer slide show. The series is conceived originally, of as an installation; projected in a cinematic mode and narrative sequences.
The photographs and images of the slide projection have been taken between 2000 and 2003 around the world using it as a backdrop for experimenting dislocation in both private and public space In these images the artist, using a strictly female vocabulary, skillfully fuses performance and photography but without any theatricality. They seem to evoke, rather, a cathartic ritual in which a woman rediscovers herself by confronting the world.
Extract from text by Micaela Giovanotti and Joyce Koroktin