Born in London and raised in Brussels, Giada Ripa graduated from Milan University with an M.A. in Political Science/ International Relations and moved to New York in 1997.
Based between New York City and Milan, she started her career as a photographer in 2000 after studying at ICP (the International Center of Photography) in New York working both as an artist and a correspondent photographer (represented by Grazia Neri agency) for some of the most influential Italian and foreign magazines.
Since then, Ripa has roamed the world, using its topographies as a backdrop for her examinations of personal dislocation in both public and private spaces.
In 2000 Denis Curti curated her first solo show at the Spazio San Carpoforo in Milan. In 2002, Biz-Art in Shanghai and the Italian Insitute of Beijing invited Giada to present her work in two solo shows. Since then a great deal of both her artistic and documentary practices have focused on that area of the world, mainly China, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.
She concentrates on the analysis of space as a means for exploring personal identity and has developed a body of work characterized by introspection and experimentation. She often uses landscapes and energy production sites as a backdrop for her performances during which a confrontation between a human being occurs with foreign and distant places loaded with cultural, historical and geopolitical implications.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the world including Musee’ Botanique, Brussels, Royal College of Art, London, International Centre of Photography, New York; PS122, Luxe Gallery, New York; CRG Gallery, New York, Biz Art/ Art-Hub, Shanghai, Beijing, Arterra Museum, Spazio Thetis Arsenale,Venice; InsaaCentre, Seoul, and Rivus gallery, Catholic University, Incheon, Korea.

She worked from 2004 to 2009 on a project “Beyond the Oil Route”, a personal journey through the hidden faces beyond the Oil Route, that was shown at the Photo Biennale, Lucca, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome and in Shanghai. Displacement was her first Museum solo show held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, MMoMA, Russia in 2011.

She is a visiting lecturer at the ICP in New York. at the Art Academy in Shanghai, at The Rodchenko Moscow School of

photography and has been teaching on the MA program of Domus Academy in Milan. In 2006, her project “Lost in Space” was selected to be featured in the book released by the International Museum of Women of San Francisco Imagining Ourselves: Voices of a new generation of Women and presented at the UN in New York.

Shortlisted in the Terna Art Award finalists in 2009, she then published a commissioned book in 2011 The Invisible Pipe-Line exploring a hidden and eco -friendly pipeline along the Amazon forest in Ecuador.

Her most recent book Displacement, presented at MMoMA in Moscow, the first photography book published by Moleskine, is a book that began investigating minorities along/ beyond the Silk Road now known as the Oil Route. The research on the accounts and origins of the people slowly led her to reflect on the transitory nature of these territories and on her own personal identity. Displacement will be shown at Project B Gallery in Milan in September 2013. Her series THE INVISIBEL PIPELINE was just Nominated for the leading photography award in sustainability PRIX PICTET.